Green Khaki Jacket & Turquoise Corset


Unitard – PrettyLittleThing

Corset – PrettyLittleThing

Jacket – Zara

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Vans


I’ve had this jacket for a really long time and went though this phase where I did not like it at all. I thought it was so ugly but still kept it in my closet because I hate getting rid of clothes. I’m glad I kept it because I’ve been wearing it a lot lately and it has helped create really cute looks. It’s the only Green Khaki piece of clothing item I own, which I’m sure will change soon because I am trying to diversify my closet.

Finally on summer and currently I am taking a break from NYC. Something in me can’t wait to get back to New York, move into my apartment and plan lots of shoots for the summer. But for now I’m going to relax, eat and enjoy this 80 degree weather.

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