Style Picks

These are two pieces from Laquan Smith’s 2017 Fall Ready-to-Wear collection that I would love to have in my closet. He is a big inspiration and one of my favorite designers today. I love fur and all off shoulder looks, so this sweater in his collection is a piece a instantly fell in love with. I wish it came in a darker color like maroon though. The bubble off the shoulder dress is honestly my favorite piece in the collection. The color and material in particular are what made this dress stand out for me.

Laquan Smith RTW Fall 2017Laquan Smith RTW Fall 2017

Rihanna is one of my style icons and everything she does, I am always here for. Watching her grow in the fashion industry has inspired and motivated me so much. The Fenty x Puma collection as a whole was unique, empowering and ranged in color. It had sporty elements to it which I loved. These are the pieces that if I could, I would definitely add to my closet without a hesitation.


The Dior Cruise collection was a well rounded show. In Malibu, the mountains, sand and hot air balloons complimented the pieces so well and brought life to the southwestern theme. This dress in particular is so sweet and innocent but still has a sexy element to it.


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