Mario Badescu


Mario Badescu Rosewater spray 

Mario Badescu Green Tea spray

My goal for the summer is to keep my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, vibrant and with no spots. This is just what these two sprays do for me. I use them after I’ve washed my face in the morning or night, while doing my makeup and after face masks. I’ve been using the rosewater spray for a couple of months now and I love it. It leaves my skin so hydrated and also it’s really good for setting make-up. I hear it’s also good for hair but I haven’t tried that out. I’ve been using the green tea spray for a month now and what I love about it is that it cools and revives my skin. Whenever I feel like my skin is looking dull I spray twice and my problem is fixed. This is necessary especially for the summer, nobody wants skin that looks dull during summer. I haven’t heard a bad review from these sprays, especially the rosewater spray because it’s the popular one, so I would definitely advise you to try them out.

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Coco x

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