June Favorites


These are a couple of products I loved using last month.


The NYX Born to glow Illuminator is the best thing that has happened to my make up so far. I apply it onto my face before I put on my foundation and it adds a radiance to my skin that I love. It’s also like $4 at beauty supply stores so why break the bank when theres this?


The second product shows how much I love to glow. I got this spray bottle during winter but only started using it late spring. I prefer it to the other one I have because it has gold glitter which compliments darker skin tones better as opposed to silver glitter.


If you know me, you know I love sparkly eyeshadows. This particular Shock Shadow from Colourpop was one that was sent to me for free during their birthday special. Online it didn’t look special but it’s such a nice soft pink that can even be worn during the day. Not sure if they still have this particular color but I have a whole load of their shadows which I would definitely recommend


When I went back to Nigeria for a couple of weeks I was super lazy with my make up. So whenever I was going out, I threw on these lashes. I’ve never been a fan of really thick and long lashes because it looks really tacky on me. But these ones are so perfect. Long enough and full enough. Love it.


This is a new body spray I picked up at bath and body works. I had actually finished paying for my items, and on my way out I saw it, smelt it and fell in love. I had to go back on the line and pay for it. I never thought I would like a lemon based scent but this one is so yummy and refreshing.


I usually prefer doing darker or natural colors on my nails, but I made a vow to myself that this summer I was going to stick to doing bright, happy, summery colors. I picked this color up at the airport and when I did my nails I absolutely fell in love.


The new eco style gels had be shook. I saw pictures of them on twitter and just had to get it. It looked so rich and smooth. I was already using eco style gel and had a tub that wasn’t nearly half way empty but still that didn’t bother me. My first instinct when opening it was to smell it and it made me feel like I was on an island. It does hold your hair the same as other eco styler gels do but the only thing that makes this special is that its infused with coconut oil. So it’s protecting and taking care of your hair at the same time.

Coco x

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5 thoughts on “June Favorites

  1. I absolutely love pure seduction but that is such a cute bottle! Great post! It would mean so much if you checked out my blog too! X


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