Day Skincare Routine

Hey loves. This is my current day skincare routine that I started in February and it has worked really well for me. The only thing I feel I need to add into my routine is an eye cream. Once I’ve found an amazing one I will do a review on it.


First off, I use this Black Soap in the shower to wash my body and face. I usually just use my hands to wash my face with it but once in a while I use a sponge because I find using a sponge all the time can be very harsh and cause me to break out. My mum got this black soap for me from Nigeria. I feel like the black soaps sold here are actually never 100% natural.


This toner literally has helped my skin so much since I started using it in February. Also, putting into consideration the fact that I use it 2-3 times a day, it has lasted a very long time. I usually pour a little onto a cotton pad and wipe my face. It gets rid of any dirt left and controls any discoloration. It’s also not drying which i find most toners to be.


During the summer I find that the sun really messes my skin up so I always have to use the Simple Kind to skin protecting light moisturizer. I sometimes mix it with the aloe vera gel but when I don’t I just use the gel by itself when I know i’m staying indoors or when it’s not going to be to sunny outside.


I did a previous post on these facial sprays here. I mostly use the rosewater spray at the beginning of the day, but when I feel like I need to re-fresh my face during the day I spray the cucumber and green tea spray.

Coco x

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