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During the month of July, I tried out these TONYMOLY face masks that everyone has been raving about. I initially bought 11 but decided to try out these 4 first. I did one mask every Monday night right after my shower. I put the pack in the fridge about 30 minutes before I was going to use it and then left it on for 20-30minutes like the pack instructed. Usually people would wash what’s left on their face off but I let it dry naturally and then sprayed my Mario Badescu rosewater spray on my face.

These masks left my skin feeling so soft, young and vibrant. I remember I was getting a few spots because of the heat in New York but after using one of these masks (the Red Wine Mask) it stopped my skin from breaking out even more and cleared my skin. I can’t wait to try the other one’s I bought. If you’re thinking of trying these masks and you have really sensitive skin I recommend you do a lot of research on these masks first. Before I bought them, I read some reviews and people who had really sensitive skin complained that it caused them to break out. We don’t want that to happen so definitely read up on them. However, if you don’t have sensitive skin then I would really recommend you try these masks.

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Coco x

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